Life Happened

Life Happened

It has been such a long time. I have been having way to much fun with my kids. We have been learning how to swim and going on vacations with family and friends. The above picture is so precious to me that is mom who is one of my favorite people. She definitely has influenced my life in many ways along this awesome Journey. (I have to tell you this!) I love fishing always have and always will. But on this trip it was just women.  The men didn’t think I could clean the fish. Let me tell you I can do anything I put my mind to. But God did send help. Some friend of mine came through and stayed the night with us on there way to her Mom’s. Her husband was a ton of help. I was totally about to do it though!!! I totally feel that there are just things men were made to do. But cleaning fish is not one of them!

It is also planting season. Brandon has been really busy working his two jobs. God has been so gracious though. The picture is of Kelby and her first tractor ride with DADDY! Who is totally her Hero.



Brandon also had a little health scare. What he thought was his heart turned out to be acid reflux. It was very scary for the both of us but God has really brought the best out of the both of us through that experience. I have a whole new husband full of life and laughter. I think he always thought he would die of a heart attack at a young age. The Doctor told him not a chance. He is happier than ever.IMG_2005

I had to add this photo. They are growing so fast and learning so much. This picture shows me how awesome God is and how important our influence everyday is on the two precious people God gave Brandon and me.  Yes he gave them to us to teach them how to become successful adults. I love the stages they are in right now Brynae is learning everyday. Kelby vocabulary is in repeat mode.

I am going to leave you with the verse that has been on my heart lately? Matthew 18: 1-4

“at the same time came the disciples unto Jesus, Saying, Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven? and jesus called a little child unto him, and set him in the midst of them, and said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”

The gift of a child is so amazing. They love unconditionally and are molding constantly as they learn. We as humans go through so many phases in life. We have to consult God in every phase he will guide and mold us through each phase. We have to humble ourselves and open our hearts and minds to listen and learn as children do so naturally. That is my challenge to you today and everyday open your heart and mind like a child seeing our world for the first time. Remember what it was like to see a bird fly or to play with a Rollie Polly bug. Be Blessed!


{Twelve Pillars} Chapters 1, 2, and 3

Twelve Pillars by Jim Rohn & Chris Widener (Paperback) - Click Image to Close

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A Chance Encounter ” The only way things are going to change for you is when you change.”

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT- “When you improve yourself you improve your job.”  Types of Person Development includes- Books, Seminars, Conferences, etc. This book is a great start because it is short and to the point.   The only thing about personal development is you can do the actions but if you don’t apply them they do no good.

Humans have the Choice:

  • They can be ALL!
  • They can be LESS!

When I read this chapter my thoughts were: “God uses people to help others find there passion and destination.” Am I listening and paying attention to his direction?


Live a Life of Health ” You should Make sure that the outside of you is a good reflection of the inside of you.”

List of things I can control and Change: I CAN ONLY CHANGE ME!

  1. Set time everyday I pray.
  2. Praying for my husband daily.
  3. Making a to do list! Being intentional with it.
  4. Taking the time for my kids. They are only young for a short time.
  5. Being a person that gives hope and encourages others.
  6. My reaction to everyday things. Did I react in a Christ like manner.

Dimensions of Health

Body- Keep your body the healthiest it can be. Take time to workout and eat foods that make you feel great! Read labels!

Spirit- All Christian’s who accept Jesus as there savior are given the gift of the Holy Spirit! I like Luke: 12-12 “For the Holy Spirit will teach you in that very hour what you ought to say.” What a gift! We all worry about what to say sometimes. If we would stop pray and ask for the words and use the Lord in everyday conversation. Wow! How the world would change. Every thought is not suppose to exit our mouths. Jesus uses the Holy Spirit to communicate with us and teach us. Are we listening and using our gifts?


The Gift of Relationships

“Relationships are like Garden’s if you tend to them maintenance is easy! If you don’t you have lots of weeds to pull to get to the fruit!”

TIME————————————- EFFORT————————————-IMAGINATION

TIME- We have put time into a relationship to make it grow. It is not going to grow without time and care.  Remember when you first met your spouse and you were together all the time. When you were not together all you could think about was the next time you got to see them. Then you get married and things change you have a billion responsibilities. Then you have Kids and a Billion more responsibilities. That relationship that was once easy is now work. ARE YOU GOING TO PUT IN THE TIME?  Marriage is the hardest relationship you will ever encounter. Why because you live with this person and we all change with time? There is that word again TIME!

EFFORT- It takes effort not to hurt your spouse sometimes! We all have those moments we are so frustrated that we wonder “why did I do this”. Some of us pray through the situation Forgive and forget. I am not saying we forget everything they have said or done to us. When we feel hurt we can bring back all those suppressed memories. What I am saying is Forgive your spouse like the Lord forgave you. We all sin but few of us would let our Child hang on a cross and Die for the love of others. If God can watch his son suffer that awful death to forgive me of my sins. I think I can forgive others in his honor. Especially my spouse who has been put on this earth for me to love and cherish. (I am not against Divorce if there is abuse!) I am against Divorce is there lack of effort. Remember you can not control your spouse or change them. YOU CAN ONLY CHANGE YOU AND WHAT YOU ARE DOING!

  • Have you made there favorite meal lately. 
  • Have you taken interest in something they are interested in to have a conversation. This shows you care. (we did this so well when we met)
  • Are you growing your relationship with Jesus? Go to Church for your self you don’t have to take them with you. You can pray for them while you are there. GOD WORKS MIRACLES!  I know from experience.
  • Do you know your spouse? If you can’t answer all these questions? Think about it! (When is the last time they got there feeling hurt? What is there favorite color? What are they reading right now? What is the last thing you did out of the kindness of you heart that was unexpected? When was the last time you said a true heart felt THANK YOU for something they did? When was the last time you said I am sorry for …?)
  • Have you truly forgave them with no Pride (I am right you are wrong) attached to it? Did you forgive without punishment?


MY FAVORITE PART!! How long has it been since you day dreamed about your next date with your spouse? I have a re-accuring day dream. The girls are asleep and he ask me to dance on the patio with just the patio lights on. How simple is that! or I miss the movies! We always think that we have to dream like the movie we watched. No sometime Simple is the way to go. What is something you spouse has always wanted? If you don’t know ask? It should not be a secrete. How is a spouse supposed to make your dreams come true if you never tell them! Turn off the TV and become a Family again. Imagine flying a kite in the mountains. Imagine taking you kids to a place you loved as a kid. Build the relationships you want with family members. Always remember they are human they make mistakes and if there is not forgiveness it wont work. Jesus Forgave us!How can we have a  happy and healthy relationship or even IMAGINE an awesome relationship without pulling the WEEDS of Forgiveness!

Plant a GARDEN of many people and watch them grow by keeping the weeds pulled.

Pull the WEEDS by:

  • ASKING FOR FORGIVENESS (learning to apologize is a big first step)
  • Forgive through prayer ask God for help! He is the ultimate forgiver.
  • Take time for those special relationships! If you don’t water them they don’t grow.
  • COMMUNICATE. Sometime we have to hold our tong and just listen even if it hurts and we want to let that Pride come out.

I want you to know I loved this part of the book. I need to listen to my self! My prayer “Thank you Jesus for your inspiration today. I was really having a hard marriage day. Your use of this blog is going to help me with my marriage. Thanks for putting things in persecutive for me. I pray this helps many people with there everyday relationships. Please use it to bless many. Thanks for Forgiving me and teaching me to ask for Forgiveness.” Amen






Extraordinary Life Conference

Intentional Living

I was driving one Friday and a commercial came on the radio for this conference. I really felt I needed to go. I also felt my Husband needed to go. How was a Girl to get her Husband to go to a Life Conference. I call and say “Hey hun, are you doing anything saturday afternoon? Would you go on a date with me in Lubbock?” Knowing he loves going out to eat in Lubbock. Yes, You got it. I forgot to tell him were we were going. To MY surprise he was kind of exited about it. That was God’s way of saying open communication is better than plotting. We all know that Plotting is what we do to get what we want. My goal for you this week is to be straight forward with your husband.

Now for the The Perfect Date we had!

Life Conference 1


We walk into the conference a little late and are looking for a place to sit when this arm flies up waving at us. It is an amazing christian lady named Connie Johnson. We sat with a group of ladies from Brandon’s home town. He became there hero. That put a big smile on his face and mine. What a gift of comfort they were. I truly believe they were a gift to us.

It is hard most times to take those steps to learn as a couple and to grow in a direction of God. We have so much worldly impact all the time from TV, radio, Facebook and many other websites. We forget that what we see and hear is a choice when it comes to media. One of my favorite songs is “Be careful little eyes what you see”. Life is all about choices and every choice we make impacts those around us. Were does my tangent tie into this. I took the 30 day challenge to just listen to Christian music and radio stations. I will never go back! ” be carful little ears what you hear”. I have grown just by that change and so has my family. You see Brandon and I would have never been in those seats at they conference if I had not taken that commitment to Christ.

What did we learn? We learned that we are really different. I am a true woman and everything is tied to my emotions. He is a Head and hands guy. He feels very little. So we had the opportunity to discuss that and how when we fight what not to say. I learned how not to be offended when he says “Why didn’t you do it this way?” In his brain he is always looking for the most efficient way. If I don’t let the emotion get in the way I might learn something from him. He has done an amazing job in taking consideration of my heart. I called to take him to lunch and he declined and his response after he declined was “I am not putting you second I really need to do this.” Those few words made me feel better. I am all EMOTION!

Things We Learned about Marriage:

  • Couples who SEEK HELP EARLY stay Married.
  • Edit what you say… Think before you Speak.
  • Soften Your Start….. Don’t use (YOU ALWAYS)  or (REMEMBER WHEN)

I Love all of these. Our culture is so high in divorce because you are criticized when you get help. I say sack those friends and find new ones who want you to be successful in life. Help is crucial. Think before you speak should be in all aspects of life. If we spend more time building one another up, instead of breaking them down, how would our world change? Just a thought. Last but not least soften your start. REMEMBER YOU LOVE and CARE about this person.

Things we Learned about Life?

P- Purpose (mission)

I- Imagine a more Desirable Future

C- Chart a course

T- Tenacity (commitment)

U- Unity (agreement)

R- Results (measurement)

E- Execute (Action)


We all have the choice to OWN our Lives. When we begin to own our lives and our choices we begin to want the best for ourselves. We also want people that teach us things and think the way we do around us. Here are some changes we are making. Taking time for God everyday at the kitchen table for one meal. That doesn’t sound like much but we want to not overwhelm ourselves because consistency is huge in everything you do. We are also working hard to listen to one another taking consideration of how we think.




Who Needs a Blog?

I need a blog! Why?   Because I am crazy, all over the place and I don’t know the word “NO”. What! A women who doesn’t know the word “NO”.  I am a stay at home Mom of two beautiful, amazing, gifts from God. I have 2 girls, one 4 in April and one that will be 2 in July. I also have an amazing husband who works two hard jobs. He is a Farmer and a Farm Loan Officer. There are many times we meet ourselves coming and going.  Here is my Sweetie hard at work last crop year.


I am not just a stay at home mom. That is my number one job, but I also have a Juice Plus home base business that I can’t wait to talk to you about. I am a Member of Plainview Junior service League. I am currently working on our spring fundraiser. Yes and a Blog, like really I have time for that. The Holy spirit has really placed it on my heart to spread my ministry through blogging and he placed an amazing Christian in my life that is 2 doors down. He said now is the time. YOU KNOW I could not TELL JESUS “NO”

What is this blog going to be about? Well let me tell you it is about the Journey of Life. We all go through different things, but they are all related. I hope you find it a pleasure to learn from me and read with Joy. I hope your life changes through my family’s and our Trials and Triumphs. I am changing the way I look at life. I am taking the approach that I am living each day to find Jesus!!